Paul Mampilly Talks The Practicality Of The IoT

One of the foremost investors in the world, Paul Mampilly, has experienced a number of successes throughout the course of his career, including the investment of $50 million during the economic crisis of 2008, garnering a 76 percent return in just one year. Today, Paul Mampilly is the executive editor of Banyan Hill Publishing’s own, Profits Unlimited, which, to date, has garnered in excess of 130,000 subscribers. In stark contrast to his time as a hedge fund manager on Wall Street, the semi-retired Mampilly now utilizes his uniques skill set to help the average American maximize financial earnings through stock market investments. Recently, the investment expert offered his take on two highly-publicized investments that he believes are trending in opposite directions – Bitcoin and the “internet of things.”

The recent surge regarding Bitcoin has seen the cryptocurrency rise nearly one thousand percent, taking its value to over 10k. This has caused a number of investors to jump aboard the train, yet, in the opinion of Paul Mampilly, investors should take precaution with the cryptocurrency, despite its incredible increases. Based on research dating back to the stock bubbles of 1999, Paul Mampilly believes that Bitcoin will soon peak, and with investors selling off to reap the maximum profits, the stock price with plummet significantly. In 1999, a number of stocks saw significant increases, mostly due to the fact the people were discussing the rising value of them, and with Bitcoin facing very similar circumstances, the Bitcoin bubble is sure to follow the same pathway.

While Bitcoin has garnered the majority of the publicity regarding lucrative stocks, Paul Mampilly believes that another budding tech will eventually supersede cryptocurrency, due to its rapid adoption by established financial entities. The internet of things, which references items such as sensors, smart devices, and smart homes, that can communicate with each other, is rapidly being implemented by established companies, making the companies that supply these new tools, considerably more valuable. He recently referenced a new airplane engine produced by Pratt & Whitney, which utilizes more than 5000 sensors, which all work in conjunction to improve practical function, as well as passenger experience.

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How Fortress Investment Group Has Built A Large Network Of High Caliber Investments

Fortress Investment Group has been managing alternative funds and building their portfolio in many different private equity strategies including energy, financial technology, real estate and other diversified credit funds for 20 years now. They are currently a subsidiary of Soft Bank Corporation based in Japan who officially bought Fortress in 2017, but the group continues to operate with much of the same autonomy it has in the past. Softbank has added even more assets to Fortress’s strategy base including blockchain and cryptocurrency development companies and even one energy company that has been bringing plans into the works for the world’s largest solar generator plant which will be built in the Arabian Desert and output 200 gigawatts.

Fortress Investment Group is managed by three executive principals in Randal Nardone, Wes Edens and Peter Briger who make most of the firm’s key decisions, but they have had several other key figures who have helped grow its holdings including Rob Kauffman and Michael Novogratz. Nardone and Edens began the firm with $400 million in client assets in 1998 and each had a substantial background in banking including Nardone having been a director at a large Swiss bank. Fortress Investment Group started out with a fund that owned real estate in the New York and Toronto markets, and from there it grew into hedge funds, debt securities and expanded private equity funds in the next several years. Its first major public offering came in 2007 and it saw its asset value jump to over $30 billion that year. Today its AUM total about $43 billion.

Fortress Investment Group has had several landmarks in its history including 2006 when it opened a large international investment opportunity in its Drawbridge Global Macro Fund. Shortly after that they also bought Intranet, a major ski resort destination, and Penn Gaming. They were named “Discretionary Macro-Focused Hedge Fund Manager of the Year” in 2012, and “Management Firm of the Year” by HFMWeek in 2014,

Hussain Sajwani And His DAMAC Empire

DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani has done incredible work across the Middle East in helping cities progress. His firm builds the largest structures in the region, and they work on residential outfits that help workers who move to new area. This article explains how DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani is changing the Middle East for the better.

What Does He Build?

DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani and his family run a massive enterprise that builds some of the most impressive buildings in the Middle East. They have built towers for businesses, and they have created the apartments to house new employees. People who live in DAMAC buildings are living in modern spaces, and the businesses that move into his buildings are given spaces that impress clients.

His Partners

Hussain Sajwani and his partners have built some of the best skyscrapers in the Middle East, and he has worked with incredible builders around the world. He works with people who are real estate tycoons, and he knows how to get the best value out of each project. His company has long been lauded for the work that they do, and the quality is higher than their competition.

Giving Back

In an article from, it says that Hussain Sajwani gives back to the communities where his company works, and he believes that serving the greater good helps everyone. He gives to charities as much as he can, and his family is committed to a variety of causes that he believes in. The company invests in places where the underserved do not receive the care they need, and he often attaches charitable enterprises to his large projects.

Improving The Quality Of Life

The quality of life for all citizens near DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani’s projects rises when the buildings are completed. His company believes in doing work that serves everyone, and the businesses that move into these spaces often perform much better. A family that moves into one of his apartments has a better space for raising their children, and the community as a whole benefits. Hussain Sajwani has created a business that serves everyone with each new construction plan.


Chainsmokers First Album Still Shows Their Original Work to Be Popular

“Memories… Do Not Open” was the first studio album from New York-based DJ Duo the Chainsmokers. To date it is their only studio album. In passing years, the duo has gone on to do much, with a plethora of successful Eps and singles to their name. Despite their regular appearance on top charts for those Eps and singles, their album has never left its top chart. Since its release in 2016 the album has stayed in the top five, making it the third longest running No. 1 in dance history, tied with the Gorillaz “Demon Days”. But “Demon Days” its tapering off, and soon Memories may be holding down the fort solo.

The Chainsmokers were formed in 2012. The New York-based duo of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart fussed around for little while. They enjoyed marginal success here and there, but nothing openly stellar. Then in 2014 they broke through with hit single, “Selfie”. Since then they have been a mainstream player with a large following. The duo was never a typical EDM band. From their sound to their performance they always tried to push boundaries. Taggart began singing lead vocals for songs in 2016, featured in their charting single, “Closer”. DJ’s usually stay behind a booth. They never add the human element of vocals themselves. But the Chainsmokers are not typical DJ’s.

This is also why they began writing their own music. Taking inspiration from their real lives the duo either writes, are involves themselves in the writing. It is a personal touch they hold as very important. Earlier this year they released, “Sick Boy” a new single containing a dark edge not usual for EDM. The song has been the first of many, with other singles debuting after it, carrying the same darker themes. The songs contain messages that speak to current social norms. They still contain the catchy beat the duo is known for, but also endeavor to create a more personal connection to the audience. With the success of Memories still being felt, it sets a good stage for the upcoming release of their second album, “Somebody”.

Paul Mampilly Compares Bitcoin To A Friend’s Story Of The 2000 Recession

Paul Mampilly has been paying attention to finance and the internet of things market for a few years now, and cryptocurrency has been one of his interests. Mampilly has figured out when to buy and when to sell or avoid buying, something he also figured out back in 2000 when the tech market crashed. He had sold off a lot of his tech stocks the year before and warned a friend of his to do the same. However, Paul Mampilly ‘s friend did not listen and stayed in the market anticipating they  be rich and retire in one year. Instead, the market crashed portfolio was wiped out. Mampilly says cryptocurrency will succeed in the future, but it is priced artificially high right now and is not the gold everyone thinks it is. Mampilly writes more about it in his newsletters at Banyan Hill.

Paul Mampilly earned acclamations in his time as a professional financier for growing client assets through great market strategies. He was adept at wealth management and various corporate transactions while serving as an advisor for Deutsche Bank, Banker’s Trust and ING. Mampilly became very famous on Wall Street when he was asked to become an executive for one of the top hedge funds, Kinetics International Fund in 2006. He grew that hedge fund from $6 billion to $25 billion in less than a year, and returns were reported as high as 26℅ annually.

Paul Mampilly not only foresaw the tech bubble collapse, he also bought stock in Facebook before it exploded in gains, predicted the growth of Netflix, made safe investments that protected client wealth during the crisis of 2008, and also made his biggest investment in Sarepta Therapeutics which grew his portfolio tremendously. But he grew tired of working for big banks and only top 1℅ clients, so he left his life there behind. He decided it was now time to share what he knew with middle class hard-working Americans, and Banyan Hill offered him the perfect newsletter platform to de it.

Paul Mampilly is the author of “Profits Unlimited,” “Extreme Fortunes” and “True Momentum.” His audience of hundreds of thousands of subscribers come from all different backgrounds including those who have never bought stocks before or considered managing their own retirement portfolio before. Mampilly shows them how to do just that by breaking down terminology in ways that’s easy to understand, and by giving them an inside look at his own portfolio.

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Dr. Dov Rand is Helping Save the Lives of His Patients

Dr. Dov Rand specializes in integrated medicine. In addition, he’s had a bioidentical hormone replacement practice. Rand is the CEO and sole owner of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers established in the state of New Jersey.


Dr. Dov Rand began pursuing his career in the medical industry by achieving his undergraduate degree at Rutgers University and he then set out to attend medical school at Howard University. Then, Dr. Dov Rand worked at Saint Barnabas Medical Center where he worked as an intern. Lastly, he finalized and completed his residency at the Albert Einstein Medical Center.


Dr. Dov Rand put his New Jersey State Medical License under his belt in the year 1992 and has it until the year 2019. Furthermore, Dov Rand also has a Hospital Affiliation with the Chilton Medical Center in Pompton Plains, New Jersey.


With over 15 years of experience in running his own practice, Dr. Dov Rand works hard and finds his greatest accomplishments through helping his patients establish unique methods to fully optimize their status in personal health, growth, and aging.


Indeed, Dr. Dov Rand is a bonafide genius when it comes to putting a halt on his patients’ aging and weight loss. Rand commits himself each-and-every day to give his patients the best practices, methods, and solutions to their problem. However, don’t think of Dr. Dov Rand as the typical doctor, but look at him as a friend, guide, and even a role model. Although Dr. Dov Rand is 50-years-old, he’s as physically active as the typical 25-year-old; He practices what he teaches! The patients of Dr. Dov Rand’s practice that often need to stop by the Healthy Aging Medical Center always come in with hopelessness, discouragement, and a loss of pride; However, when they leave they always gain hope, courage, and their pride back!


Lastly, Dr. Dov Rand benefits all of his patients! He benefits each-and-every one of his patients by applying his background of practice, progressed training through the years, a wide and diverse range of treatments, and his very own specified training. Dr. Dov Rand isn’t just a physiatrist, he’s also a friend of every one of his patients!


Jeff Aronin and his contributions in the healthcare sector

Jeff Aronin came to light for meeting a physician that had to make a critical decision. This was concerning whether to use medicine or the complicated surgical procedure in the treatment of the seizures of a child. At that time, the physician got a chance to carry out medication first. He had to spare the child from surgery. The only remaining option was none other than enhancing a fundamental improvement of the condition using medicine.

Consequently, the interaction further assisted further fueling of passion for the patients who had been served by Jeff Aronin in the course of his career. The driving force of Aronin with his team towards research, development and successful commercialization of medicines for the individuals having unsatisfied medical needs is improving the lives of such people.

He is a graduate of Northern Illinois University as he earned his first degree from the institution. This happened before his acquirement of an MBA. He attained the latter from the University of DePaul. He served in the healthcare sector before his remarkable move and turning out to be the CEO and founder of the Ovation Pharmaceuticals. The establishment of Ovation took place in the year 2000 as Aronin had a feeling that he could execute more endeavors to the patients having medical needs yet to be satisfied. This is particularly the ones having neglected or rare ailments.

It is through his establishment of a focused firm to address a particular need that Aronin got the capability of putting all his resources towards a mutual goal. It is notable that the focus on the drug development and patients distinguished his firm from the rest within pharma and biotech space that had more interest with finding another blockbuster rather than addressing the smaller ailments.

Lundbeck refers to a healthcare firm which is Danish. It was in the year 2009 that this company got an offer to purchase Ovation. Despite starting from scratch, the efforts of Jeff led to a firm whose purchase was done for a significant amount of $900 million. The company settled on having Aronin as her CEO. This was a way of facilitating the transition and enabling the firm to optimize benefits. The firm keeps working successfully, and gratitude is towards the contributions of Aronin.


Marathon Pharmaceuticals: Founded on the Principal of Love

Marathon Pharmaceuticals is a company that has been around for some time now and specializes in manufacturing Pharmaceuticals. This company was founded in 2008 and since has been running and been efficient ever since. This company is very well known in the medical field because it works hard to be able to provide others with medicine that will help prevent and or cure rare illnesses. This has been a great help to the people that suffer from rare diseases and have very few or no options on ways to treat this disease. Any disease gets in the way daily life activities, but it is extremely more difficult when there is no cure for the disease. This has cause stress on the patient and has also caused depression as well as other mental health issues as well. Marathon Pharmaceuticals employs over hundreds of workers and makes sure that each one of them is on the same path to be able to reach the main goal. There are more than 200,000 patients that suffer from rare diseases all through out the U.S. and this has caused a strain on many medical facilities. Marathon Pharmaceuticals has taken the time to make sure that they are working hard together to ensure that they are helping out these patients. Marathon Pharmaceuticals is a company that always makes sure that the patients they are working with are safe and aware of what is going on through out the process. They make sure that the medicine that is given to the patients has been tested out and has been approved by other FDA companies to make sure that it is safe for the patient to be taking. This says a lot about this company and their willingness to help out others. Marathon Pharmaceuticals is a company that strives to make sure that those who suffer from rare diseases are being helped and treated with necessary amount of time, treatments and the approved medicine.


Ruth Erickson; the woman behind the success of IC System

There is a potent myth about entrepreneurship that for one to start a business, she or she requires a lot of money for him or her to be successful. But in the real sense, all that is necessary right from the start of a business up to the level it is supposed to reach is creativity and innovativeness. It takes a lot of hard work and commitment for an entrepreneur to experience growth of his or her business. Most of the companies that are seen been so successful today, they had a humble beginning, and there are always those principles that the owners had to embrace for them to be successful.

Well, one of the companies that can portray the truth about this is IC System which is one of the leading companies dealing with account receivable issues. IC System was started by Ruth Erickson together with his Husband in that era when there was not technological advancement as today. After some years, her husband passed away, and she had to thrive to ensure the success of their business.

One of the factors that enabled her to bring the company to the state it is today is her ability to be able to partner with remarkable companies that needed account receivable services. Some of the first companies that IC System partnered with were Texas Medical Association and Massachusetts Dental Society. The main reason for her partnership with these companies is that she knew that she could get the right influence from them and sharing of meaningful ideas that would help to build her company.

She was also able to get the modern influence of enhancing female leadership in the company. Throughout the operation of the company till today, there have been multiple women serving in the administration of the company, and through herb positive influence as a leader, these women have been able to contribute significantly to the success of the company. It was even awarded as the Women Business Enterprise Certified Organization by Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.

Besides, she also made sure that the company keeps being up to date with technological advancement. IC System was the first collection agency in the Account Receivable Industry to change from typewriters to computers.


TeenSafe for The Modern Parent

Parents alike have been concerned on the issue of their children freely using the internet without restrictions. Since the internet is not very well age restricted and can be argued that its not a very safe place to be. Well the ever growing threat from online antagonists can be better dealt with since the arrival of TeenSafe.


TeenSafe is a way for parents to regulate online encounters involving age restriction. Age restriction is a big problem with the internet since it is not very well regulated. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, twitter and so on do have age restrictions. But they do not actually verify the person creating the account. For instance Facebook has a age limit at 13. At this age most things are restricted by the site already. However that doesn’t mean a 13 year old cant make a account as a 18 year old. And unfortunately it goes the other way around. Adolescent can just as easy make a fake account as a child.


To use TeenSafe it is required to be on and accessed on the phone that the child uses. However this usually isn’t a issue since most parents are the ones buying and paying for the phone and feel they have the authority to monitor it anyway. TeenSafe gives protection to the child from scammers and similar situations. And peace of mind for the parent knowing their child isn’t at risk while enjoying the internet.


Usually a service provider will give options for blocking and restricting sites to the parent. And for the most part these can be effective until the programs start blocking sites for no reason at all. These are innocent sites that may be important for school work or research that get red flagged and blocked. TeenSafe is a great alternative since it is much more manageable and easy to use for the less tech savvy parents. It is also right there as an app so you wont need to go through settings and service provider options.


Overall TeenSafe is something to consider if you are unsure if your child is safe browsing the web and social media. Id give it a try after all its for the modern parent!